jagarannepal.com Code of Conduct for Social Media, Internet and Email Use Preface: Social media has become indispensable for the search, sources of information and news consumption for the news. Therefore, the presence and activism of journalists working in this organization is essential on the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and the discussions that are underway. This Code of Conduct is designed to solve problems that arise during the use of the Internet and social media and to organize the use.

A. Internet and email usage:

Internet: Journalists will be motivated to use the internet for necessary study and research during the performance. But viewing websites that contain sexually explicit material are prohibited.

Email: You will be prompted to use the official email id for contact, official communication and correspondence with the source. But official email cannot be used for personal purposes. Journalists can also use their personal email for news, information gathering.
B. The use of social media in news

Mandatory reliability testing of news / information received from social media. Use the information on social media only after further investigation is verified.• Mandatory open source of news that has been translated or translated from elsewhere. Linkback to that source.

Apologize for any inaccuracies in the news posted online, and correct it for your readers’ understanding.

  • Do not post on social media the news that is known in the newsroom but is not fully posted on the website.

 C. Delete content and links from social mediaI

f you make a mistake by sharing the link to the news content posted online on social media including Facebook, Twitter, then such link and content can be removed. When removing content, consider the following:• Providing information to the reader through deleting content and links posted on social media.• Apologize for the mistake and correct it for the reader to understand.·         D. Tweet, retweet, status update and link sharing·         Journalists can follow and connect with potential sources and newsmakers, including political party leaders / activists, businessmen, on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn. Journalists are free to tweet, retweet, update status and share links on any topic. But in social media, the following should be taken into consideration:
• Be aware that before commenting or liking on a political or social campaign, it does not impair its editorial policy and reputation of the working organization. • Don’t tweet in support of or opposition to any political party, organization or campaign. • Maintain journalism recognition such as honesty, fairness and balance even when writing on social media.

D. What not to write online?

Don’t post internal discussions, meetings, disputes and decisions.• Do not do anything that would offend or defame the honor of the organization.• Note that your tweets, status updates and comments on other websites and blogs are public. Search engines index everything you write on the Internet. Even if you delete, such content is always on the Internet.

Please inform the editor as soon as possible about criticisms and negative / positive comments made on social media about jagarannepal.com. Do not respond to criticism and response without consulting the editor. It is the duty of the journalist to authorize the reply to anybody.

 Regarding photos and copyrights

The images and sketches needed for news and features will be used from their own source as much as possible. The source will be mentioned when using photos from Google or other online sources. When using social media photos we will mention the source and ask for permission if possible. Copyrighted images will not be used, but if used in error, the copyright holder will be removed immediately upon information. In accordance with Nepal’s copyright law, Fair Use Policy will be adopted.

 In relation to the news from Rss and other news agencies

News of the National News Committee and other news agencies will be rewritten and published if necessary. If more information is added to the news item, it will be written at the bottom of the story with the help of RSS. If the news of Rashas is only rewritten, then the source of Rasas will be mentioned clearly. Since there are mistakes in the News of the Month (there have been instances in the past) caution should be exercised.

In relation to other news News from our correspondent or other source will only be confirmed in the newsroom and published.   Regarding error correction and news deletion Mistake is a human weakness. In the event of any wrongdoing in the statement, the error will be corrected immediately in the name of the editor so as to be clearly mentioned. The corrected information must be clearly stated in the news.

Reporting a news once published will be corrected, but in no case will the entire news be deleted. Confusing and misleading news can be deleted when confusion arises. For this, the editor should give written instructions stating that it is against the policy presented. But when such a news is deleted, it will be noted that the permalink was deleted for the reason.

Regarding privacy jagarannepal.com’s content will be available free of charge to readers worldwide. Users will be solely responsible for any direct / indirect effects of using this site. The personal details of the reader that may be stored on using this site will be kept confidential unless requested by a law enforcement agency.



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