about jagarannepal.com   jagarannepal.com’s mission is to become a news portal readers will always remember for news, ideas and online exclusives. We are not in the news break competition, only the right and confirmed news will be the first to update the image in the reader.

Once published on jagarannepal.com, it will be our success to convince readers that this news is true. We will emphasize the ranking, not the ranking. We will not place content that distracts the intellectual reader in the name of increasing rank.   For this to be a news policy guide, the following points have been made public by discussing online editorial leadership and management:

  • In relation to Breaking News • We are not in the news break, aiming to be the first in reliable news with facts. So jagarannepal.com will never publish it without verifying the credibility of the news from the source. • Do not publish news about the death toll, call sign or vehicle number and confusion about the accident site till the breaking news of news like plane crash, road accident.
  • Publish breaking news with a byline by our correspondent. • Breaking news by a competing website, television, radio is very important, and publishing what Fulano has said until further confirmation from him. But in some cases, such caution breaking news can also be wrong. Mandatory linkback when referring to a website source.

In relation to district news

News sent by the District Correspondent will not usually be verified. But be careful about the nature of the news and the underlying purpose.• Live blogging will cover local district news only. Topics of national importance will be published with priority.

In International News Relations We will also give international news, considering the fact that online readers are global and prefer to read international news in Nepali language as well. But we will only cover big events of international importance. Big events of international importance will also be included in live blogging.

International news of human interest, technology, features etc. will be translated and presented. Choosing a theme for this will keep the glamor but pornography will be prohibited. The source will be clearly mentioned when presenting or translating international news. 

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